Go Go GO

AlphaGo does it again! (Link)

“Hey dad, have you played Go before?”

“Yes dear, that was a long time ago. Wasn’t very good in it though. Why?”

“I was just looking at this in the history module.” Her hands gesturing up and down scrolling through the pages. “It says here that people once played Go against one another without any module.”

“Yes dear, that was a long time ago.” Pete repeated, as he turned his head left and right, enthralled by the sight. “Before GEIS was born, we played Go against other players by learning it manually. Some players were very good at it and there were tournaments where the best players were ranked. I only played it for leisure though.” He leaned forward and gazed skywards.

“That must have been fun!” Kate giggled. “It’s mentioned here that an AI program beat all the Masters, they must have been so angry to have lost to GEIS.”

“I don’t think it was GEIS who beat them. Show me the module.” Pete gestured his left hand for Kate to come over, but she was lazily lying on her couch upstairs and couldn’t care to move. She swiped her right wrist to the left, and the page from the module was sent over to the left video call panel, where her dad’s astounded face looked upwards. “What are you looking at, dad?”

“Just some stars.”

“Ok, sent.”

“Oh this. It’s not GEIS, just some old program written.” A small ball shaped device hovered over his head, it had a lens like structure which extended slightly as Pete leaned forward again, zooming in to make sure the image is clear. Everyone has their own ‘PAT’, which apparently got it’s name from a time when people kept animals known as pets. PAT usually hovers about a metre away, and does anything it’s host bids it. It can project up to 9 panels in front of it’s host, encrypted and only visible to them, and we can call up any modules we like on any of the panels. Right now, Kate is having a video conversation on her left panel with her dad.

“Can you teach me how to play GO without the module? I wanna see how good I can be at it.”

“Alright, order a set. I don’t think we still have my old one.”

Still giggling, the 10 year old girl gestured her right hand diagonally to the top-right, and pulled up a catalogue looking for the subcategory ‘Games’. Her fingers typed quickly on her virtual keyboard, and within seconds she completed the order.

“It’s done dad!” she yelled, as Pete continued to gaze upwards.




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