Sharon Part 2

“So, what is it that you’re going to show me?”

Kate swiped through her bookmarks, and transferred a page to the left panel.

‘Kids Born Today Will Never Get To Drive A Car’ (Link)

“Isn’t it amazing? People used to control their transportation, it’s called driving. I’ve also looked up some old photos, they had these round bars called the steering wheels which they turn to direct their transportation. And they used to fly too! In huge transportation called aeroplanes.”

Sharon was staring intently at the article, oblivious to the arrival of her fried fish. The article was from an old archive on the internet, an older version of the Link, dated about 200 years ago. Her hair wasn’t covering her face now, and Kate could see the black irises of Sharon’s eyes clearly. Black irises are rare, remnants of the old world one would say. The white glow of Sharon’s skin contrasted starkly to these eyes, making her fairylike demeanour stand out even more. Perhaps that’s why she kept her eyes covered most of the time. She didn’t like the attention.

“Do you think we can still find some of these cars around?”

“Maybe we can, outside the clusters.” Sharon looked up. “But we probably won’t be able to find one easily.” She glanced at Kate’s PAT knowingly. “GEIS, can you show us where we can find a car? I’d like to learn how to drive one.” Her eyes fleeted left and right a few times before coming to a squint, then she looked back at Kate. “GEIS says there isn’t one right now in any of the clusters, and it will not be advisable for us to go out and look for one. She’ll inform Pete if we try to go, you’re not old enough to travel out on your own.”

People can travel out of clusters if they like, mostly to be in touch with nature and to see parts of the old world. There are certain areas that are out of bounds, where reconstruction is still being done. People didn’t all agreed to have GEIS in the old world, and had taken up arms to remove GEIS. But such ideas were a thing of the past.

“You can bring me out for a short trip! I’ll ask dad to let us go. You’re my best friend, I’m sure he’ll agree!”

Her cheeks flushed pink and eyes glistened, softening her sharp look. Sharon held out her right hand to hold Kate’s left.


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